The Storm’s Origins

Naturally, the end of a war brings some semblance of peace. Just what sort of peace depends on how dark the war is and how much the world really demands a conclusion. That we may know that peace which may succeed, and when, and what events must come before, God has shown us what that climax of the darkness of the night of the Global War on Terrorism shall be. I know this is a lot to take in, but bear with me a few moments and I shall cover all aspects of this statement to the best of my ability.

That Peace Which May Succeed

A successful peace, in my opinion, is one that satisfies the worldly man and the spiritual man together. To the worldly man it qualifies as nothing less than peace, lasting peace, and Middle East peace. To the spiritual man it is such that it succeeds prophetically—scripturally.

Peace for Israel and the world is central to the apocalypse. In the realms of Christendom there is hardly a subject more botched than peace for Israel. We have been as successful at understanding the peace to come as men of the world have been at bringing it to fruition, try as they might.

When it May Succeed

It will succeed in God’s timing, not ours. We may see it when the powers that be are able to concede, by the grace of God, that a certain spoil of war belongs to Israel.

What Events Must Come Before We See the Peace

Obviously, one cannot know all the details, nor would he or she want to know them all. What is absolutely necessary however, is that radical Islamist fundamentalism suffer widespread defeat and shame, driven away into relative non-existence. This must happen on several fronts, but none is perhaps so important as the active role that moderate Muslims shall play after their religion has paid a dear price for the atrocities done in its name. It is not for us to say what that price is or how it must be paid, but at some point the world will demand it.

The Climax of This War

Jihad has been declared on a certain city, and the radicals have threatened not only to obtain weapons of mass destruction but also to use them. If and when these elements combine we will know that they have done their worst, (and knowing it might prevent us from over-reacting).

What God has Shown Us About the Climax of This War

“And a mighty angel took up a stone like a millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.” Revelation 18:21

A violent and destructive event in a large city, a city that has been under threat of judgment from about the time of Jesus Christ, will mark the climax of the Global War on Terror, and will mark the worst that they, the terrorists, can do to the world. It is also the trigger of the apocalypse, which does not imply destruction so much as it is about a revealing. The Sun of apocalypse is peace, and to the degree that it contrasts the cold, hard reality of the War on Terror, the world will be ready to embrace it when its time comes.

And for the sake of a long sought and nearly impossible to achieve peace, some principal actors upon the world stage could get it into their minds that never again shall a major world religion bring us to the brink of a global war: that just as Islam faces a significant loss toward the end of the War on Terror, so shall Judaism and Christianity face setbacks and loss in the midst of the coming peace.

Evil times have a tendency to ensnare people. How we escape those snares or how we break through them depends on how we react, and how we will react is determined by what we believe. Many Christians need to change their behavior for the apocalypse; therefore, many need to change what they believe about it.

I won’t be able to convince everyone as to the best course. I mean there must be a reason for the widespread disagreement and misunderstanding. What matters is that some folks re-approach the subject with an open-mind, ready to look at a relatively new scenario, one that relies on Scripture just as much as the others claim to do, likely more so.