(Once upon a time…an outcry against animal sacrifice is heard round the world soon after an altar is dedicated in the area of the new Jewish temple, being rebuilt in times of peace, which rebuilding would not have been possible with anything short of a genuine peace. After roughly three and a half years of that peace, an international coalition of leaders, (the Beast in its debut), asserts their authority on the scene, interfering with the religious rites of a sovereign nation—Israel—putting a stop to the daily sacrifice. Those with no reason to deeply study the subject will assume that the Beast is ready at the same time to set up the abomination of desolation, the trigger of the great tribulation, the climax of the story. But nothing could be further from the truth, and nothing could be further from a natural flow of cause and effect.)


The world has been blessed with peace, lasting peace, and Middle East peace for the past three and a half years. Peace for Israel and the world came in stark contrast to the darkness of the night of the Global War on Terrorism, which became exceedingly dark… The spread of Islamic radicalism did not noticeably reverse itself until the community of moderate Muslims became actively involved in purging its religion from its more radical components, which movement began in earnest upon a significant loss…  It was a loss that the world would have opposed if not for the state of mind of the world citizens after the climax of the war, a major attack done in the name of Islam by radicals who were not interested in peace but were interested in the destruction of Western Civilization.   

Rising Action—

The powers that be, for the sake of preserving the new peace, decide that never again shall a major world religion bring us to the brink of a global war. Thus, finding encouragement not long after their test of authority  at the Jewish temple, (putting a stop to the controversial practice of animal sacrifice), they also begin passing and enforcing new laws that are meant to marginalize people of faith, particularly those who are Jews or Christians. They progressively succeed in this campaign for a period of forty-two months—the forty two month storm. During this time of increased religious persecution, the world at large will yet be experiencing peace and safety. However, there is a fly in the ointment: two prophets ministering from around the area of the Jewish temple can afflict the world with various plagues, and their ministry continues for 1,260 days.


There is only one man capable of killing the two prophets, and he will consequently be revealed at the end of their ministry, which closely coincides with the end of the forty-two months storm, and which puts a notable conclusion to a period of seven years of peace. Because this one man will appear as such a hero to the world, and because circumstances will put him in the area of the Jewish temple, it occurs to happen spontaneously that he would stand in the holy place of the temple and declare himself to be God and receive worship from the world’s citizens. While this happens somewhat spontaneously in the area of the temple, the broadcasting of his image worldwide sparks a movement wherein people everywhere are expected to bow.

Those who do bow may receive the mark, an ID chip placed on or just under the skin of the right hand or forehead. In contrast, all of those refusing to bow and take the mark will face self-imposed exile (evacuation/bug-out), or martyrdom. As it is Christians and Jews who will be most offended at the idea of bowing to the man and taking his mark, this is the Beast’s coup de gras against our faiths, to put us away once and for all, which the world at large could not allow prior to the desensitization that they shall experience throughout the full duration of the forty-two month storm.

Falling Action—

Exactly 45 days from the time the world’s hero sets himself in the temple, claiming to be God and requiring worship, an event happens that brings a notable blessing of respite to the survivors who have managed to escape into the wilderness and endure. This 45th day also marks the beginning of the death spiral of the global community made up of people who foolishly pledged allegiance to their hero and their false God.


Divine intervention (around the time of Armageddon) prevents the global destruction of all living things. Those who have willingly bowed to the man and taken his mark are soon destroyed without exception. Survivors though, are granted mercy and the opportunity to recover and rebuild as the world transitions into an era of a one-thousand year peace.

These five dramatic elements will make up the main content of this site.

Posts about the Millennial Kingdom, particularly the transition into the 1,000 year peace, will require the most imagination and cannot be overlooked. There is just too much value in having something to look forward to, and so cannot be neglected.

Posts about the climax may include some of my own ideas, tips, or suggestions on prepping for survival—physically and spiritually. Although my input may only be a drop in the bucket of the information that is available at this time, I do look forward to this aspect of the work, as it seems to relate most pointedly to my calling, (see author page).

Posts about the rising action—the forty-two month storm—may include the pros and cons of both an underground church/synagogue and the public church/synagogue. It may also include other ideas how to cope with the storm.

Posts related to the backstory or exposition could more accurately fall under the category of ‘current events.’ Some speculation into the first few years of peace may also be in order, at least where it will help us transition into the seasons of the storm. Admittedly though, I am reticent to get wrapped up in current events any more than I am ready to get wrapped up in events that I am powerless to change.

Well, there it is in a nutshell. For those who would strongly disagree with this flow of events, I welcome your thoughts—to a point. I find arguments largely distracting and unproductive. I encourage those who have a Kindle application to read CBCP1 and/or CBCP2. While some of the content in these ‘books’ (essays), is redundant, I feel that I could hardly have covered the topic more succinctly. What would have been a third book in the series, a more comprehensive overview of all the elements outlined above, is actually what you can watch being pieced together here on this site—for free! Thank you for visiting. Please come again.

Geno B.