Gene (Geno) Boyd is in his mid-forties and lives in Idaho County, Idaho. He works as a carpenter and basic handyman. In his free time he likes to hike and explore. He has a wife and a daughter who also like to spend time outdoors. (He spends days at a time off-grid, so please do not be offended if he does not respond to comments right away.)

After spending time with Geno you would probably not know him to hold any particular political or spiritual beliefs, as he tends to keep such things close to the vest; yet, he does believe there is a great calling on his life: in fact, he believes it is too great for him alone, and he must share it with many.

A Great Calling

In the year 1997, with the difficult biblical subject of “Great tribulation” weighing heavy on his heart, Geno undertook a lengthy prayer-walk that covered countless miles in multiple states over a significant period of days, weeks, and months. He would not stop until he had some direction or answer to his prayers.

It came one day as Divine inspiration, with the Spirit of the Lord speaking clearly into his life, saying, “I am for your renewal and strengthening: equip for emergency or flight, and prepare all those I give to you.”

Foresight that is not put to good use is a sad waste. Apocalyptic foresight is no exception; it was not given us for the sake of continuous bible studies or academic debates. We have it that we might prepare and equip ourselves for trouble, and we have it to prepare and equip others, as much as—if not more than—we can prepare and equip ourselves.

Granted, we are not yet even in the apocalypse or “the last days;” and so, such a calling, great as it is, must wait for the opportunity to be employed. In the meanwhile, over the past twenty-plus years, Geno has gained some knowledge and understanding that he would like to share hopefully with whomever may come along with any modicum of interest.

Apocalypse Fever

To appreciate or sympathize a bit with Geno’s situation, it might help a little bit to at least know a little bit about something he calls A.F., (apocalypse fever). It is a relatively benign affliction of the mind, perhaps akin to gold fever;  although, in either type there may admittedly be some examples of more severe cases.

And while gold fever is somewhat understood, at least to the degree that its symptoms coincide with the favored results of tangible treasure with a worldly value, there is relatively little or no understanding of A.F.  whose potential treasure is of heavenly nature and thus does not carry much appeal to the world. As such, A.F. is not something you will want to see a doctor about, especially not a secular one: for it seems to me that some psychiatrists see but a very fine line between Christianity and psychosis. Should “concerned” employers or relatives coerce or ‘worry’ you into seeking professional help, you may be in trouble.

I only mention this because it is quite probable that when the world at last discovers the key to peace, lasting peace, and Middle East peace, (such as what may be the most natural conclusion to the end of the War on Terror), and when we at last see a real peace for Israel and the world, an epidemic of A.F.  will be poised to strike many millions of Christians worldwide. In terms of how such a paradoxical phenomenon could work against us, we could call it an epidemic; however, in terms that it might work for us, we could liken it to a new ‘gold rush,’ something to embrace with the pioneering spirit as we prepare to set off on bold adventures to interesting new places.

When real peace comes, and it will, you could follow the last days theories that were founded by men who went to very little trouble in their efforts or studies, in which case it will be like panning for gold in your uncle’s backyard stream: sure you may be looking for the real deal, but you are not likely to be well rewarded for your pains. In contrast, you could set out on a real journey toward the proverbial California or Yukon of apocalyptic insight.

The signpost and guideposts to these interesting new destinations have been around for a long time. Only as they become more relevant can someone uncover them and point them out to those who are willing to see. Geno has sacrificed much and undergone untold hardships for many years, in order to make a truly rich discovery, one which he cannot keep to himself, not even if he wanted to try: for that would be like Jeremiah the prophet trying to refrain from speaking the word, and it would have been like a fire in his bones, utterly consuming him.

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