(It has been a month since my last posting, and though I am technically back to living “on-grid” there may be days at a time when I cannot get to the internet, as I am still working off-grid much of the time.)

On my last work-camping expedition I was at last able to finish “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, (Putnam Publishing Group; New York: 1954). I grabbed a paperback copy while perusing a 2nd-hand store early last winter.

Reading it exclusively during ‘outdoor time’ (most often on the Sunday Walkabouts), it has taken me many weeks to finish. I like the fact that there was never any pressure to get it done. I also liked the book right away as it enabled me to just sit down in the snow (when the snow was dry) and read, my mind subtly but not entirely distracted from the immediate surroundings and conditions.

Unlike Thoreau’s “Walden,” I think this book is far enough from most survival realities that it might go well into someone’s Bug-out supplies, (should they have the luxury of an ‘office’ section in their gear.)

Without getting too close to spoiler alerts, suffice it to say that I think most people who would opt for the GT Survival Challenge, that they could rise above the sort of conflict that gripped this group of boys stranded on an island. Besides I think it is themed more towards human nature in society than it is to people who need to work together to survive.

On that note, maybe this book would provide someone who is born into the Meek Generation some indication as to what social dynamics were sometimes like before the MK, before the great change, and so I include it in the PATCH. 


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