Making the transition of a life off-grid to going back on-grid, it may be a while before we get internet going. We have enjoyed solar power and satellite internet and satellite TV at a family cabin for some time now, but it is time to move again, and although we will be in a town with electricity, I cannot say how long it will be before I can write some of the things I would like to add to this blog. Also, I will have a delayed response time to any comments, so please be patient.

At the campground we are currently using, there is no internet, cable, or phone service. I can get a few PBS channels with the antennae, and I have enjoyed some of the shows, in fact many of the shows. I even thought of contributing…until I saw fifteen seconds of “Democracy Now” and decided Public TV does not need my money; plus, if I remember correctly public TV gets some form of subsidies from the government.

I have some rough drafts going on subjects related to the “snowflakes” wanting taxpayer funded “safe spaces” on university campuses. My ideas are not revised enough for me to say much here and now at this busy time, but I will say that my reactions to this idea are in line with the theme of this blog.

Thanks for visiting, and if you want to be the first ever person to comment on this blog, please understand and be patient when I cannot respond right away.








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