What do we call the generation of survivors who will make up the founding members of humanity in the era of the Millennial Kingdom?

We cannot call them the Millennials because that is already taken for our present generation of young folks.

The MK Generation is a possibility, and I sometimes use it for lack of a better. There probably is a better, but we have yet to find it.

The MR (Millennial Reign) Generation will not work for obvious reasons. It would not be fair without a MRS. Generation.

Sometimes I want to call it ‘the new generation,’ but that makes me think of the Star Trek series by that name. Not a bad series altogether, so I have used it on occasion.

While I think a good name for the survivor generation is important, perhaps it is more important that we understand what will make it different.

We could look at humanity during the entire thousand year reign of Christ, but it makes more sense, from our current perspective, to look at it in terms of the first years of that society and possibly for their first generation of children, children who will know of our present struggles only from the stories they are told or that they read about.

Many of the problems that plague our civilization today might in twenty, thirty, forty years from now be so aloof from civilization that those young kids would read our current history as if it were as fictional and as fantastic as Middle Earth with its Dragons, Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves, (J.R.R Tolkien’s Hobbit Collection).

While the great tribulation is a tiny blip on some of our radars into the future, for children of the surviving generation it will be history, a thing that is not easy to understand given the fact that they will not know war or strife, envy or greed, etc. etc..

Those children will have prospects for a degree of innocence that we can hardly fathom today. It would be suiting that their parents would be the meek who have inherited the earth. Hmm—The Meek Generation?

Using that now would perhaps serve as a reminder to the basic characteristics of the true survivors, and it could inspire some of us to be a little meeker a little more often.

I realize that pop culture often disparages the “quiet guy” or the “shy” person, so it would be nice to have a positive connotation to go along with or counteract that set of negatives. Moses was said to be meek, but by many of today’s definitions of meekness, it would seem quite improbable that he could have led so many to freedom.

In a way I like “The Meek Generation” because it induces a transitional element. Its founding members are not going to be born into the role; they are going to have to earn it by surviving the great tribulation.

Although it is sometimes hard to imagine the ‘meek’ person surviving, it is a trait whose positive connotations we must emulate in the present and near future because it is the opposite characteristics, so seemingly important to society and pop culture, that will make up the core traits of the non-survivors.

Obviously there is some overlap of good and bad connotations between the ‘meek’ crowd and the ‘bold’ crowd. Generally though, if we can remember and continue to believe in the idea that the meek shall inherit the earth, (Matthew 5:5), then maybe it is time we apply more of the positive traits to the former.

For the moment, and until a better name comes along I feel inclined to go with “The Meek Generation.” And there is no time like the present than to try it out a little:

  • The Meek Generation will be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
  • The Meek Generation will know peace and prosperity beyond any prospects of our modern civilization.
  • The Meek Generation will have relatively unlimited resources at their disposal to choose a way of life that they deem fulfilling.

The more I use it the more I like it, but I will try to keep an open mind in case something better or something more popular comes along.

For me it sums up not only the opportunities for that generation once it overcomes the troubles of the great tribulation, but it also acts as a call to remind us today to improve our behavior and begin acting in a manner befitting of potential survivors and inheritors of the earth.

Even if we are of the group(s) that would anticipate a transition to some sort of immortality for that thousand year era, (see “Rapture: The Day of the Lord”), it cannot hurt us to walk in the good path of our fellow mortals today: for our efforts both small and great could increase every one’s  chance of survival, and if anything means anything in today’s world, I would say that this does.


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