[This post became the primary content for the Welcome Page/Home Page on this site. Although there are minor differences, the basic idea is the same.]

When PC Culture, (politically correct), and the world is geared toward hating Christianity—a big problem as will become especially apparent during the 42 month storm—they won’t need much help or encouragement in that. And yet help them some will. Although I would like to say, ‘None shall help the world to hate us,’ large numbers of Christians seem geared to misunderstand the peace that is to come, and to misunderstand the troubles associated with that peace in its latter years.

The potential attitudes and behaviors that could prevail in the early years of peace would be very hard to explain and could provide excellent exposition for the rise of the storm of persecution against our faiths. Again I say they need no help from us on that front, and so I strive to clear up some of the misunderstanding about the peace which is to come.

First, it will not be a “false peace” as some proclaim, who expect “seven years of great tribulation,” a popular notion brought about through misinterpretation of Scriptures.

Second, it shall not be a fragile and tenuous peace interrupted after 3.5 years, whereupon the world enters a period of 3.5 years of great tribulation—another wildly popular idea.

And thirdly—mostly—finally—it can be nothing less than a bona-fide peace, lasting peace, and Middle East peace; it shall be a peace for Israel and the world, a much needed—a desperately needed—peace that will continue, from the world’s perspective, no less than seven years, insomuch that the world can still believe they are experiencing peace and safety during the second half as they watch a storm of persecution unleashed upon Judaism and Christianity.

Let us look at the origins of such a peace.

Islam shall not escape the War on Terror without paying a dear price for some of the atrocities done in its name—I predict we have yet to see the worst—and only by paying a dear price will moderate Muslims find sufficient motivation to cast-off, shun, and despise their wayward and extreme elements, which is an absolutely vital front to be won before we can see an end to this war. And if Islam must pay a heavy price for the sake of the realization of peace, we cannot think that the world would allow Christianity and Judaism to escape through the peace unscathed, lest ever again the fundamental aspects of a major world religion bring us to the brink of a global war.

So, in the midst of the peace that is to come, the world, its leaders, and its PC culture will rationalize the marginalization of Jews and Christians for the sake of preserving peace. And though this shall entail a long and widespread persecution against our faiths, it does not take away from the bona-fide reality of their peace, lasting peace, and Mid-east peace: in fact it will provide them enough contrast to reassure them in that. The light of that peace shall bring a revealing—an apocalypse.

It is the Sun of apocalypse.

We must not despise that light, nor would we benefit by wasting the morning hours of the day with overmuch concern about what may happen at midday or what storm cloud may appear over a portion of society through the afternoon. Only a bright light could disperse the darkness of the night of the War on Terror. If we would prepare for trouble, then consider the setting of the sun, the end of the afternoon storm, and the end of their seven years of peace: for then shall arise the trouble of the great tribulation, which in some respects may as well be called the great transition, as it will quickly lead to another peace, one whose light shall make the Sun of apocalypse seem pale, one whose years shall be counted prosperously through the lives of many generations.


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