As great as my calling is, I must concede that there is not a greater calling today than that related to the great commission and the spread of the gospel. Just as I intend to enjoy my calling when it becomes relevant, (see author page), so I recognize that folks who are active in the work of evangelism today may enjoy their calling right now. They might even enjoy it so much that they would have a hard time considering a life wherein that calling would become exceedingly difficult.

The forty-two month storm is the antithesis of the great commission. By the end of the storm there will be no more opportunity to freely spread the gospel in global society. And it is very hard for some to imagine this change coming in their lifetimes, especially when they look up to America as a great defender of religious freedoms, not only for its own citizens but also as an example to many other nations.

I cannot say exactly what the political climate in America will be when the storm approaches, but it does not really matter what sort of government we have at that time because one way or another America is going to fall into line with the global agenda of the forty-two month storm.

And even if we have a strong constitutionalist government at that time, (which is not guaranteed at all), it will hardly be able to stop the vandalism or the intimidation that a generation of lawless mobs–encouraged by powerful world leaders–what they could bring to our nation.

I do not say these things to worry anyone, but to combat complacency and to express the value of being prepared against a time of trouble.

Last week a sweet Christian lady, whom I know to be active in missions work said to me, with a smile, that “Jesus could come back today.” I explained to her how I had once been troubled by those who taught that Jesus might come back any second, (see Rapture: The Day of the Lord), and as she could tell that I was about to get worked up on the topic she backed out by saying that it was not so much a literal expectation as much as one to keep her watchful and motivated in the great commission.

For people like myself, who might experience a paradoxical reaction and think that there is practically no time left to do good works, a perspective that includes the forty-two month storm and what it entails should provide plenty of motivation to keep watchful and active in their calling(s). I can still believe Jesus is coming back soon, and at the same time believe that we must first see certain things happen.

It is said that the end can come when the spread of the gospel has reached its limits. Well, look at the forty-two month storm and where that is taking us–all of us. We can look forward to it in a positive way, a way that tends toward preparedness and with a willingness to fulfill our callings and use our spiritual gifts even through tough times.


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