As described in “Abomination of Desolation: Trigger of the Great Tribulation” the worst of the great-tribulation belongs to a society that is willing to bow in worship to a man and then mark their bodies in loyalty, specifically with a sub-cutaneous chip on the right hand or forehead.

Aside from the reasons already mentioned, how the great-trib is worse for the marked than the unmarked, the seven plagues foretold to come in that season will be no exception: the plagues will generally effect the marked much more than it will the unmarked; in addition, at least one of the plagues might actually turn into a major blessing for the unmarked.

(The plagues are found written in the 16th chapter of Revelation.)

With the graph below, bear in mind that these comparisons are only estimates, and as such they are subject to change.


  1. The first plague is sores and boils. It has a direct impact only on those with the mark. While not debilitating, it could put them in an ugly mood, unfortunately for those survivors/captives still within their reach.
  2. The second plague destroys all sea-life. This will greatly impact world economies and morale, as most people live near coastlines and would be hurt one way or another. For the unmarked trying to survive on a yacht, sailboat, or desert island this plague could prove a little more troublesome than to survivors inland.
  3. The third plague turns rivers and fountains of waters into blood. The marked may be terrified, but they also may have to implement rationing programs to conserve drinking water. The unmarked survivors should not take any single water source for granted, and they should, if possible, have a fair supply of it by the time this plague happens.
  4. The fourth plague is one of great heat. It may prove tough for all, but slightly worse for the marked who have the contrast of indoor climate control and air-conditioning, which will make the heat seem even more unbearable. While the temptation to return to civilization and its creature comforts may be hard to resist for some survivors, it will on the other hand mean that fewer marked ‘trackers’ will be in the wilderness searching for survivors.
  5. The fifth plague is one of darkness and pain, and it only hits the marked. As such, this may well occur on the very day foretold to be a blessing to the survivors: for they could literally walk into towns or cities and replenish their supplies and gain the momentum needed to finish their challenge of survival.
  6. The sixth plague  clears the pathways to Armageddon. It must be a stressful time for all of the marked as they come face to face with their despair and disillusionment. The drama of this plague should for the most part be unknown to the survivors; however, they should continue being cautious, to make sure and avoid any marked people that may be looking for trouble.
  7. And plague seven is two-fold. It is a global earthquake, the greatest in recorded history; also, it is the fall of deadly hailstones, each one weighing about 100 pounds, give or take twenty-thirty pounds. Man-made structures stand little chance of standing up to either aspect of the plague, so the marked may feel especially vulnerable. If not for Divine protection, I fear a good number of wilderness survivors would be lost. (Read “Angel Airlines” post.)

According to the scenario described on this site, it is around the events of plague #6 that Christ will appear with an army of angels.

That being the case, it is much harder to believe this army of angels would be a showy entourage, merely standing around and looking tough, than it is to believe that they are present with a real purpose, which would entail a pretty significant “To-Do List,” including the miraculous preservation of survivors from the effects of plague #7.

(I have no special insight or vision into such a scenario; this is only an educated guess.)

Angels’ To-Do List (rudimentary): For Combatting the Effects of Plague Seven
  • Shore up oil pipelines, oil rigs, gas refineries, as well as fuel storage facilities or tanks that may rupture and cause catastrophic pollution.
  • Properly dispose of any radioactive nuclear material, including reactor cores, which may prove unstable due to the effects of the plague.
  • Aside from the typical effects of the plague, prevent where possible and/or reverse the effects of anything else that would create undue pollution or harm to the earth or to to those who shall inherit it.
  • Once the oceans and waters are healed (to reverse plagues 2 & 3), transport all aquatic life remaining in aquariums, tanks, etc. back to a suitable natural environment where they can thrive and reproduce.
  • Gather and protect animals (wild or domestic, confined or free), which are subject to adverse effects of the plague.
  • Gather and protect human survivors.
  • Within the society of the doomed, there shall be coma patients and young children who could not have rightly been a part of that cursed society: gather and protect these; ensure that the children are put into the care of willing adults. [Read “Angel Airlines”].
  • Last but not least: communicate unto the survivors the one expectation that will be upon them if they would live abundant, prosperous, and peaceful lives. (See “The Left-Behind of the Peri-Armageddon Scenario”).

The purpose of such speculation is obviously to diminish people’s fears surrounding the effects of plague seven, which is especially crucial with a scenario that brings us so close to it. And if you can think of any other things that might be a priority, please feel free to share.


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