Post-Apocalypse Time Capsule Hypotheticals

There are forces at work in the world that would displace your godliness with something else, something more in line with our human nature. It is like you are sailing in a small boat through a big ocean, and there are things floating around that can damage your vessel and allow sea-water to get in and threaten your journey. When this happens you could continually bail out the incoming water, or better yet you could PATCH the leak.

The concept of PATCH is not so much to determine what forms of books, music, movies, etc. will be helpful to the Meek Generation, as it is a means of looking at what books, movies, music, etc., might help people like ourselves to actually make it there.

Our preservation and the establishment of the Meek Generation is not aided by a focus on what we should not watch, read, or listen to so much as it is aided by putting some consideration into what things will not work contrary to that preservation and establishment: sometimes this will simply include things that do not directly work against us, and other times it will include things that work for us, directly.

I will admit that at times I think it would be nice if the Lord would destroy to ashes, along with the marked society, all those things that reek of evil and the deadly sins. But then again, we must give some credit to the survivors: that they will be able to sort out for themselves what they wish to make a part of their lives and what they do not.

The Post Apocalypse Time Capsule is hypothetical because it does its best work today, in its conceptualization, much more than it could ever do in any tangible archive of materials. With so much neutral and positive material out there, it would be a complete waste of time to try making another collection of things that would not go well.

I am not trying to serve as anyone’s conscience, but if you will occasionally, (like once a year), ask yourself this question:  “What if a survivor comes across my collection of books, movies, etc., what will be of use and what will not be of use?” then you might be improving the quality of your life today. When you put some imagination into what books, movies, etc. people will value as they begin to recover and rebuild in the early years of the MK (Millennial Kingdom), you will more often—not always, but more often—make a better choice on what you read, watch, etc..

Granted, at the end of a hard work day or a long week, some of us generally need a mind-numbing experience; so, it is natural to put in that movie which gratifies on some basic human level. At the end of the day, we really don’t want something that makes us think too long or hard about the future. (Well, the good news about the future is that it won’t end up so bad for the survivors.)

For the times I want to watch a movie with no prospective MK value I will occasionally watch a post-apocalypse movie. At least then I can compare and contrast what part of the story—if any—aligns with the Peri-Armageddon scenario and what part of the story is in complete contradiction. For example, I recall watching “The Book of Eli” (starring Denzel Washington; directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes, 2010). I don’t think it is a spoiler to say that this movie shares a theme quite common with post-apocalypse movies: that there is a small town full of thugs and villains who serve an antagonistic tyrant. This common theme is a complete contradiction to the Peri-Arm scenario, wherein the citizens of the whole world will exist in harmony and experience a great peace.

Looking for a similarity, “The Book of Eli” expresses the value of preserving/archiving a book of supposed value. In the reality of the MK, there is no reason to expect anything less than a great archival effort to preserve historical records (including books, DVDs, CDs, etc.). As with our freedom of choice today, members of society in the MK can decide for themselves what they want to read, watch, or listen to. Fortunately for their sakes, there will be no direct temptation to the deadly sins (Revelation 20:2-3); and the things we find so alluring today will lose their luster in the MK. Books how to grow food, how to irrigate crops, how to establish sanitary composting systems, and the like will be much hotter than our modern-day mysteries or romance novels. If someone is running a generator and decides to put on a movie for the family, chances are that it will be an animated film or a light comedy long before something filled with sex and violence.

Imagining the sorts of challenges that survivors will face might inspire some of us to broaden our horizons today. It could even help determine career choices.

In sum, let’s say that throughout the year you consider the idea proposed in this post only once, and as a result only watch one less movie or read one less book that would have no prospective value for the MK. With the time you gain with that “sacrifice” there exists an opportunity to take a single step towards helping yourself or helping others to actually make it there with a chance to start off on the right foot, so to speak. You will have applied a PATCH to your vessel. And as they say in France ‘Bon Voyage!’



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