Rudimentary Timeline of the Storm

eyeStage 1—approximately three and a half years of peace. While our rights are being undermined—nothing new—we yet carry on a relatively straight forward trajectory.
Point A—The bottom suddenly drops out, but people of faith are at their relative 100% power level in global society.
Point B—After the 42 month storm has run its course, people of faith will be at a relative 0% power level in global society.
Stage 2—Six-plus weeks of great tribulation, (particularly difficult on global society).

Needless to say, how we get from Point A to Point B is in large measure up to us. What kind of momentum will we have at Point A?

Will we be struggling along through the first three and a half years of world peace, in which case our hampered momentum causes us to tumble down the cliff and crawl along desperately (the red zone–see graph below), through the remainder of the storm?


Or, will we be moving along at a good pace, perhaps strapped to the proverbial hang-glider, in which case we can make a more gradual and controlled descent (yellow zone–see graph above), towards Point B?

I say choose your battles wisely. Don’t get tangled up in trifles, without a good reason to do so. Try harder to understand the peace which is to come. If you would have wings, then wait on the Lord, which may include being still, and which definitely includes a certain level of patience and faith.



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