Serious Post

Well, I end up making my friend laugh so hard that he takes a pee in his pants. Long story short: I am never allowed to play with James again. So, as 2+2=4, I develop this faulty memory association: that making people laugh equates to loneliness, loss, and separation.


The Church and a ‘Post-Enlightenment’ Enlightenment

When a prophetic peace comes and the world is geared towards marginalizing the Jewish and Christian faiths, are we going to be so busy fighting and so busy being anxious to remember that we need to live a little and enjoy our existence in this world?

Chapter 7: The Rules of Life

“Everyone, to one degree or another, sees not the real world but the ever-changing state of the self in an ever-changing invention of the world. We live in a continuous reinterpretation of sensory input and memories, and they are contained in presets that can, at any given moment, light up neural networks in a shifting kaleidoscope of energy, which we come to think of as reality. It is all part of the dynamic dance of adaptation that accounts for our survival as an organism and the survival of the species” (122-123).