Recreational Therapy

O' the choices of toys within the rubble of civilization at the beginning of the Meek generation: countless, unlimited, choices of what to do…pick a passion and go with it…freedom and prosperity are within grasp…


What Was the Internet?

The day is coming sooner than we’d care to imagine when folks (the Meek Generation, and their children and grandchildren), will talk about the internet in the past tense. The infrastructure necessary to run the internet cannot possibly endure what is coming in the not too distant future. 

Chapter 7: The Rules of Life

“Everyone, to one degree or another, sees not the real world but the ever-changing state of the self in an ever-changing invention of the world. We live in a continuous reinterpretation of sensory input and memories, and they are contained in presets that can, at any given moment, light up neural networks in a shifting kaleidoscope of energy, which we come to think of as reality. It is all part of the dynamic dance of adaptation that accounts for our survival as an organism and the survival of the species” (122-123).

Job Listings: Post-Apocalypse

Unless one understands the reality the Meek generation will be facing in the early days, months, years of recovery and rebuilding--a crumbled civilization that somewhat matches much of the Hollywood post-apocalypse paradigm, but a unity and peace among survivors that blows the Hollywood paradigm out of the water--these rudimentary job listings will not have much context.

Survival Writing Prompt #2.a: Movie List

Imagine the survivors of the quintessential survival scenario coming across a good generator, a good tv, a good DVD player and a good set of DVDs all at the same time. Everyone has been working hard all week and it is time for a little relaxing diversion as the older folks put the young ones in a room with a TV set.  What movies would you imagine playing and why?

What Effect the 7 Deadly Sins to the Meek Generation?

I believe the Meek generation will not be directly tempted to commit the 7 deadly sins the way we are today. They might have temptations laying around, but I have to ask: ‘Why would anyone having recently overcome the symptoms of a deadly disease (Revelation 20:1-3), be in any hurry to plant the seeds of a relapse?’